On the 17th and the 24th of June 2022, the optional English students of 3rd BA visited the Attavar government school in the city of Mangalore where they were assigned to teach English to students between the grades of standard 1 and standard 7. Optional English students were encouraged to choose a lesson and employ various teaching modalities and aids to present not only an educational experience to their students, but also to deploy diverse creative strategies for making it an enjoyable process.

The students were cordially welcomed by the principal of the government school and were encouraged to interact with the students.

3rd BA optional English Students along with their assigned classes in Attavar, Mangalore

The students used various aids such as videos , audios, Blackboard, Text etc. to engage the class. They also used various fun games like Simon says, warm up exercises to prevent boredom.

The students were assigned to these lessons in groups of three and each of them were provided with three observation sheets to evaluate the other based on 5 main criteria which the other would evaluate as ‘excellent’, ‘Good’, ‘Satisfactory’, ‘Fair’ or ‘Needs Improvement’

While one of the students presented their topic to the class, the other two students from the team were instructed to evaluate and assess the presenter based on the 5 criteria provided in the observation sheet. The students were also instructed to maintain a lesson plan of their topic along with a teacher’s diary which was to be submitted to the teacher in charge Mrs. Vandana HOD of the English Department.

The students were able to gain practical understanding of the teaching experience and were able to put theory into practice. This helped the students deepen their understanding of the concept of teaching as applied in the real world.

The students realized the various problems they could face in class and used various effective management methods in order to maintain discipline and order in class.

The students also learnt how to manage time in order to teach and complete their assigned material to the class.

The various concepts taught in class by their professor Mrs. Vandana helped the students in conducting their lessons with ease and proved to be a very valuable and educational experience to the students who participated in the same.

Overall, the Students of 3rd BA optional English had a practical educational experience thanks to the innovative initiative taken by their professor Mrs. Vandana.










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