Innovate to Elevate Forum (I2E Forum) is initiated by the Department of Secretarial Practice. “Innovate to Elevate” conveys the idea that innovation is a means to achieve elevation in various aspects of life, whether it is in the context of business or personal growth.

The forum suggests that by embracing innovation and implementing new ways of doing things as individuals, organizations, or societies to improve the state of affairs by making positive progress to achieve higher success. It encourages the idea that innovation is a powerful tool for growth and advancement in both aspects of life and work respectively.


  1. To facilitate effective communication and leadership skills at all levels by empowering individuals to take ownership of their ideas and initiatives.
  2. To stay updated with current technology trends that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in secretarial tasks.
  3. To inspire individuals to think creatively and suggest new ideas.
  4. To offer workshops, training sessions, or resources to enhance the skills and capabilities of participants, empowering them to implement innovative solutions effectively.
  5. To promote sustainable practices that benefits the organization or community in the long term.

Membership Of the Forum

The membership of the forum is exclusively for the students of Secretarial Practice. However, certain activities of the forum are open for the students of other disciplines as well.

Programmes of the Forum:

The forum activities are designed to build hard and soft skills for performing job-related tasks. Under the canopy of the forum the following programmes are envisaged:

  1. Lectures by qualified resource persons
  2. Skill development programmes
  3. Hands on training programmes on practical aspects
  4. Industrial exposures
  5. Seminars/Workshops

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