"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

It is not the grade card that counts but the skills for employability that matters at the interviewer’s desk. This is the fact and an institution worth its name strives to build the necessary skill sets. Language competency is an imperative if not important skill set. Possessing competency in the English language provides much impetus to an individual’s advancement for self as well as her/his career.

While the language learning process to some is not so difficult or challenging, to others it is a huge impediment both to the self as it comes in the way of their self-confidence and self-worth as also to their curricular advancement. English as a language is more so, as students come from a vernacular medium of instruction. In a typical English language classroom, the teaching-learning process is less effective due to the large numbers as also the varied level of student capability regarding the English language skill. The language lab has been a boon as it makes the teaching learning process student-centric, gives ample scope for peer learning, interactive and independent learning process.

The Language Lab was founded in the year 2008 and as of now thirteen computer terminals and two software packages are available. The Language Lab is open to all the students of the institution and without any fee to provide equal opportunity to all who desire to learn. The Language Lab and the English Language Skill Development programmes provide the English department the means towards student progression scientifically and qualitatively and help in aiding in holistic development.

Tense Buster is a menu-driven, user-friendly package that consists of five levels. It aids in the development of reading and listening skills and includes an audio backing. The second package, which includes both – [a teacher and a student terminal], is an ICT package that aids in learning and testing English language skills. The Linguaphone as a kind of gramophone is specially designed for helping in learning pronunciation or the other sound peculiarities of the language. Also in the lab is software for Listening Speaking & Reading (LSR).

English Language learning programmes as a certificate course started way back in 2004. Alongside providing skill development for the students of the institution, as an outreach programme for young mothers who came to the kindergarten accompanying their children, a home-makers batch was initiated in the year 2008. The primary focus was on spoken English, and batches have made use of this facility. The Skill Development Programme is designed for students who require improving their language skills. There are three levels, and workshops are held in addition to lab sessions and practical sessions as part of classroom instructions. It is a certificate course and includes a written and viva-voce exam.



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