Moral conviction and dependable self-discipline are as important as academic competence and here is no substitute for self-discipline.
The students shall conduct themselves both within and outside the college premises in a befitting manner.
The following acts of omission and/or commission, which are by no means exhaustive, but are only indicative, shall constitute gross violation of the Code of Conduct and are liable to invoke appropriate disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC).

  • Lack of courtesy and decorum; indecent behaviour anywhere within or outside the college campus.
  • Use of Mobile phones in the classroom (whether or not the session is in progress), and the laboratory/library/examination hall is strictly prohibited. If a student is found violating this rule, apart from being liable for disciplinary action, the mobile phone/s shall be confiscated.
  • Mutilation/unauthorized possession of library books/laboratory equipment’s.
  • The students attending library can remain in the campus until the library is open in the evening.
  • For an offence committed in the hostel/classroom/laboratory/library/Campus, any Teacher shall have the right to reprimand.
  • All cases of serious offence and cases of malpractice/and or adoption of unfair means in an examination shall be reported to the Chairperson, DAC.
  • Ragging is a major offence: Those who indulge in ragging, even in a ‘friendly’ way, or encourage ragging, will face immediate dismissal from the College. No justification in this regard is acceptable. Ragging is a cognisable offence and those indulge in it or encourage it will be handed over to the law as per G.O.Ed 122 URC 96 dated 16-1-97
  • Without obtaining prior written permission from the Principal, no picnics, farewell parties and get-together and meetings in which our College students are involved, either in the campus or in any other place is to be organised. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate these rules.
  • Attending assembly/prayer is mandatory for all the students.
  • At the second bell for classes, given 5 minutes before the hour fixed for each session, students should enter class and occupy their places. At the second bell the faculty enter classes and the students stand in respectful silence to receive them.
  • When the attendance roll is called out, each one rises and answers to his / her name.
  • No student is allowed to leave the class room without faculty permission or until the class is over.
  • Attendance at classes and examinations, progress, as well as the conduct of the student will be taken into consideration while recommending students for merit certificates, concessions, scholarships, higher studies, jobs, as well as for representing the College in extra curricular activities.
  • If the concerned faculty is absent, students shall not loiter in the campus. They are expected to be in the library.
  • Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, discourtesy to faculty/staff members, habitual inattention and late coming, neglect of field work, obscenity in word or act are punishable by permanent or temporary dismissal.
  • Students who have particular difficulty in any subject are recommended to approach the lecturers for help.
  • After 6.30pm no student is expected to remain on the campus unless there is a programme. All extra curricular activities/preparation for programmes shall be done in the presence of the Student Welfare Officer.
  • Students are not permitted to smoke on the campus or come to the College under the influence of alcohol. They are liable to disciplinary action if found smoking or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The College does not hold itself responsible for the conduct of its students outside its premises. In justice to itself however, it takes cognizance of any serious misconduct/offence of its students committed outside its precincts and should any serious charge be fairly substantiated, the guilty shall be punished according to the gravity of the offence.
  • Books, magazines, newspapers etc., not approved by the Principal, are not allowed to be brought to the College.
  • Male and female students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity. They should observe norms of decency, propriety and mutual respect in their interrelationships.
  • Posters and notices of any type must not be put up in the college premises without the permission of the Principal. No student shall distribute any pamphlets or equivalent literature unless permitted by the Principal
  • Every student should wear an identity card issued by the College inside the college premises which should be produced whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office and library.
  • Students are advised to maintain the cleanliness of classrooms and environmental awareness by keeping the campus clean, green and plastic free. Plucking farm products, damaging property, furniture, fixtures, plants/greenery and walking on the lawn is not permitted.
  • In the College canteen, the corner ear-marked for the Teachers and Staff, and also other places ear-marked ‘Staff only’ shall not be occupied/used by the students under any circumstances. The students shall not use the canteen for purposes other than for which it is intended.
  • Students are permitted to park their vehicles within the college premises in the place allotted for student parking. Vehicle owners should have a valid driving licence and insurance. To avoid noise pollution and disturbance, the vehicles should have efficient silencers. Rash driving inside and outside the campus will be dealt severely.
  • Students who do not live with their parents, near relatives or guardians, are expected to live in a hostel approved by the College authorities. On the campus, there is a hostel which accommodates female students.
  • Outstation students living in rented houses / flats should invariably inform the office in writing, the details of the place of residence. The guardianship arising out of such stay needs to be registered in the office
  • Students must not join any club or society or make any engagements that may interfere with their studies without the Principal’s permission. They are not allowed to play in any team against the College.
  • Students shall not participate in any political agitation directed against the Government. They are further required to observe all the disciplinary regulations which the management may frame from time to time.
  • Letters officially addressed to the Principal should enclose reply postage. College doesn’t hold itself responsible for the Post/letters received in the college for the students. The same will be kept in the mail box specified for students
  • Students are not authorised to collect donations from the public for any of the college activity without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Educational tours are to be organised with the prior permission of the Principal. For all such programmes written permission of the parents is required.
  • Students are not permitted to celebrate any religious festivals within the College campus without the prior permission of the Principal. Bursting crackers and other explosives are not permitted.
  • Students are not supposed to play or listen to music using mobile phones or any other electronic devices, in the College campus. Violation of such rules will be dealt with as per the university norms.
  • Students attending class or other gatherings within the College are expected to be neatly dressed in accordance with the rules of approved etiquette. Violation of dress code is not tolerated.
  • Charging personal electronic devices in the class room is not permitted
  • Any other acts of gross indiscipline as decided by the Competent Authority from time to time will be applicable to all the students.
  • Students must produce a ‘No Due Certificate’ for the issue of marks cards by the office, at the end of each semester.


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