A career counselling session was organised for 43 Final year BA Criminology and Forensic Science students on February 27, 2024, focusing on the prospects within the field of Criminology and Forensic Science by Mr. Arjun M. Shivakumar, Forensic Tutor of Dept. of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, MANIPAL.

The session aimed to provide students with insights into potential career paths within Forensic Science and Criminology.

During the session, Mr. Arjun shed light on the role of institutions such as the National Forensic Science University (NFSU) in offering specialized education and training in forensic sciences. He encouraged students to explore opportunities at NFSU as a means of advancing their careers in the field. Furthermore, Mr. Arjun highlighted the myriad of opportunities available for psychology students within Forensic Psychology. He discussed the intersectionality of psychology and criminology, showcasing avenues for specialization and career growth in this niche field. One of the key takeaways from the session was Mr. Arjun's emphasis on self-assessment and identifying individual strengths and interests. He underscored the importance of aligning career choices with personal aptitudes and preferences to ensure long-term success in the field. Mr. Arjun also stressed the significance of gaining practical, hands-on experience through internships. He highlighted the role of internships in providing real-life exposure and enhancing skill sets essential for thriving in the competitive landscape of Forensic Science and Criminology. Throughout the session, Mr. Arjun shared insightful anecdotes and real-life experiences from his own journey in the field. These anecdotes served as valuable lessons for students, offering practical insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in pursuing a career in Forensic Science and Criminology. In conclusion, Mr. Arjun Shiv Kumar's future career guidance session provided students with invaluable insights and guidance for navigating the complex and dynamic world of Forensic Science and Criminology. His expertise and practical advice served as a source of inspiration for aspiring professionals in the field.




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