On 8th February, a huge number of delegates from colleges all over India, gathered at School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya in Mangalore for a Psychoeducational Session entitled SCINTILLA 2020. The event marked the fifth year of Scintilla in succession.

Youth of the present generation have got all savvy about modern technology, leaving behind the conventional ways, thus making them lazy and inactive. If they need any information, there is the internet.  They need a friend, there is the use of internet to make friends, on social media. They need entertainment, there it is again with the use of internet to watch videos and play game.  Everything, all there, ready at the tip of the fingers, sitting on the chair, with no physical activity involved, nor much use of intellect.

Scintilla 2020, completely refuted the above.  It brought to today’s youth a chance to actively use their intellectual capabilities, strategic mind, physical ability, thus motivating them to move away from electronic devices and engage themselves in active play for Emotional, Social and Cognitive development.






The event began with the choir leading us through prayers with the prayer song ‘As the Deer’.

The dignitaries and the delegates were welcomed by Ms. Jennifer Carlo – Assistant Professor, Department of MSc Counselling and the Keynote Address for Scintilla 2020 was delivered by Ms. Rosa Nimmy Matthew, Head of the Department, MSc Counselling who educated the audience on Psychoeducation and its benefits.
She said that, play is an important source of development, not just as recreation, but as a medium through which one can enhance their skills and thought processes and the delegates of today’s program were ecstatic to have got this opportunity to be a part of a program of this sort.

It was followed by Presidential Address, conveyed by The Principal of Roshni Nilaya, Dr. Juliet CJ.  who proved that active play lights a spark in any individual.  She put forward a question to the participants, if they would like to play an active game and all the faces lit with an affirmative response. She further, encouraged the host of the event, the 1st and 2nd year students of MSc. Counselling, by imploring them to take the event to the next level, i.e. from National Level to an International Level as they have the competence to achieve it.
Ms. Emlia Diniz Silveira student of First year MSc. Counselling, introduced the Chief Guest - Dr. T. S Thomas, former Senior Programme officer, Colombo Plan, and called on him to address the gathering.

The Chief Guest, Dr. T. S Thomas, addressed the gathering and declared SCINTILLA 2020, open.  In his address, Dr. T. S Thomas mentioned that everyone has a need for psychoeducation, as prevention is better than cure.  He said, when we psych educate ourselves, we become aware of what we are, what we have and what is important to us.  

He alerted us on not  waiting till the moment of illness, to psycho educate ourselves.  The Chief Guest also encouraged the participants to not only learn but also experience the process.  Since, it is very much a need of the hour. He also highlighted and gave a few statistics on what is currently happening around us, like, internet addiction, social media, drug abuse, poverty, depression, suicide rate, etc. He was very pleased with the concept of SCINTILLA 2020, -  PSYCHOEDUCATION  WORKSHOP.   As he concluded his talk,  he left us with a quote, to ponder over,
“It’s impossible” said Pride,
“It’s risky” said experience,
“It’s pointless” said reason.
“Give it a try”, whispered the heart.
The formal function ended with Dr. Wilsy Francis, Asst. Professor MSc Counselling Department, giving the vote of thanks.

SCINTILLA 2020, the delegates were divided into six groups, focussing on the following three themes;
To Foster Acceptance, Build Competence and Enhance Skills through play, using exercises like props, fantasy, movement, art and craft, rounds, dyads, music, dance, singing which in turn helps in development of Emotional, Social and Cognitive Skills, enhancing the following areas under this three major developmental dimensions:   1. Emotional – Identifying and recognizing emotions, Regulating Emotions and Appropriate Expression of Emotions. 2.  Social – Verbal and nonverbal communication, social perception and empathy. 3. Cognitive – To enhance memory through visualisation, creativity, idea generation, critical and discovery learning.

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