The members of Forum for Sustainable Development(FSD) accompanied by the faculty went on a study tour that involved relief work at Mudhol Taluk, Bagalkot from 1st to 7th September 2019, in collaboration with the Ashadeep Community Development Project Mudhol. The members helped to distribute the ration and other materials for flood affected   families.

As part of the support work an assessment survey was conducted as well as a life skill training programme as well as a focus group discussion with the participants being the children, youth, women and Elders in the following villages - Gulgaljambigi, Yadahalli Jaliberi and Kulali. An Intimate Interactive Theatre show was performed in the villages and schools on social issues of  rural life such as child marriage, bonded labour, cleanliness, open defecation and dengue awareness.
These were some of the programmes undertaken during the Study Tour and relief work for the villagers.

1.Intimate Interactive Theatre (IIT) Show
Awareness brings about a massive change
The team from School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya along with faculty in association with Ashadeep community development project Mudhol conducted an Intimate Interactive Theatre (IIT) show to the villagers and to the children of Government Primary and Higher Primary school- Gulgaljambigi, Yadahalli, Jalibery and Kulali villages of Mudhol tq Bhagalkote District. It threw light on their problems, the ill practices that were practiced and how to get rid of these for a better society. The discussion followed by the show was very effective.

2.Life Skill and Leadership Training Programme at Mudhol
Life Skill and Leadership  Training for the members  of Self Help Group of Gulagal Jambgi, Jaliberi, Yadalli and Kulali villages  of Mudhol Taluk of Bagalkot District conducted by the students and  faculty of SD forum of School of Social Work, MSW Dept. Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore along  with Ashadeep Community Development Project.

Life skills based on team building, enhancement of self awareness, confidence building etc. The members of SHG were enlightened to be united and work for the betterment of their own community.

3.Compassionate Reach out from Forum for Sustainable Development (SD)
The experience of being and sharing……
The faculty and students from SD Forum of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, assisted in the distribution of food items, mosquito net and daily ration items in Jailberi village at Mudhol Thaluk for 46 flood affected families in collaboration with Ashadeep Community Development Project Mudhol on 5th September 2019.

4.Assessment And Focused Group Discussion
Understanding And Assessing The Pain, Loss, Trauma With Empathy…
The faculty and members of SD Forum- School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya conducted the assessment survey of the families affected by the flood by administering an individual interview schedule. The intention was to know the loss incurred by the flood and the effect on them which would help Ashadeep to plan a sustainable Community Development Action Plan in the near future. The focus was on children and their holistic development. In all 222 families were covered in the survey and these belonged to the marginalised group.  

In the Focused Group Discussion (FGD) the emphasis  was on the opinions given by the women, youth, children and elderly men in the villages. It helped the team to understand the trauma and loss faced by the respondents due to the floods.

The trainees got an opportunity to know the reality of rural life and struggles of people affected by floods. It was an inspiring and awakening experience.







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