English/ Common name- Rose-apple

Local name- ಗುಲಾಬಿ ಜಾಮೂನು

Botanical name- Syzygium Jambos

Appearance- The rose apple tree may be merely a shrub but is generally a tree reaching 25 or even 40 ft (7.5-12 m) in height, and has a dense crown of slender, wide-spreading branches, often the overall width exceeding the height. The flowers are creamy-white or greenish-white, 2 to 4 in (5-10 cm) wide, consisting mostly of about 300 conspicuous stamens to 1 ½ in (4 cm) long, a 4-lobed calyx, and 4 greenish-white, concave petals. There are usually 4 or 5 flowers together in a terminal cluster. The fruit is nearly round, oval, or slightly pear-shaped, with smooth, thin, pale-yellow or whitish skin, sometimes pink-blushed, covering a crisp, mealy, dry to a juicy layer of yellowish flesh, sweet and resembling the scent of a rose in flavor.

Origin- East Indies and Malaya. It is also cultivated and naturalized in many parts of India, including Ceylon, former Indochina, and the Pacific Islands.

Conditions required for growth- In India, it does best on the banks of canals and streams yet tolerates semi-arid conditions. Prolonged dry spells, however, are detrimental. Deep loamy soil is considered ideal for the rose apple but it is not too exacting, for flourishes also on stand and limestone with very little organic matter.

Uses- The tree helps in Digestion•and improves heart health. It boosts immune system and it also helps in treating bladder infections . Prevents Dehydration during Pregnancy . Rose apples contain jambosine, an alkaloid type that can block or regulate the exchange of starch into sugar, therefore helping to control diabetes.

Common remedies-

  • (Part of the tree used - Seeds ) It has been claimed that an infusion of roasted, powdered seeds is beneficial to diabetics. The seeds have an anesthetic property.
  • (Part of the tree used - Leaves) The leaf decoction is applied to sore eyes, also serves as a diuretic and expectorant and treatment for rheumatism.


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