In view of the prolonged lockdown on account of the COVID – 19 Corona Virus Pandemic, Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Department, in association with Centre for Relief and Disaster Management of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore prepared Grocery Kits of basic essentials and handed them over to the most deserving people of Mangalore.

Each Grocery Kit was prepared and packed by Mariyam Traders, Valencia and contained the following items:

SL. NO.    PARTICULARS                 QUANTITY

1.              Rice                                    Four (4) Kg.
2.              Wheat Flour                       Two (2) Kg.
3.              Sugar                                 One (1) Kg.
4.              Onions                               Two (2) Kg.
5.              Potato                                 One (1) Kg.
6.              Toor Dal                              500 Gm.
7.              Tea Powder                        250 Gm.
8.              Cooking Oil                        1/2 Litre Packet
9.              Chili Powder                      100 Gm.
10.            Salt                                    One (1) Kg.


Target Group
The Kits containing the essentials were distributed to the following categories:
• Deserving families in communities where students are placed (1st priority)
• Any deserving individual/family with loss of earnings during the lockdown
Commencing on 30 April and ending on 16 May 2020. The kits were distributed during the crucial time of the lockdown period which people were unable to venture out and subsequently work on account of the closure of commercial establishments as well as transport facilities. The areas covered were Bagambilla, Kumpala, Bajal, Jelligudde and Jayanagar areas where the communities of low-income groups are located. A few kits were distributed to families in Mangalore City.


The deserving families were identified by Social Work students placed in the area along with the Anganwadi teachers. The break-up is as follows:

SL. NO.          AREA/COMMUNITY                   NO. OF KITS

1.                   Bagambilla & Kumpala                         20
2.                   Bajal                                                     25
3.                   Jayanagar                                            25
4.                   Jelligudde                                             25
5.                   Mangalore City                                     05
                                 Total                                        100

Each consignment of 25 kits were packed and distributed in four-day slots. Each kit had a monetary value of Rs 500/-
The Donors :

The Grocery Kits were contributed by the staff, students, alumni and a few well-wishers. The break-up is as follows:

SL. NO.        CATEGORY                            NO. OF KITS
1.           Staff (Including Retired Staff)               44
2.           Students                                               12
3.            Alumni                                                 30
4.            Well-wishers                                        14
                       Total                                           100

The relief scheme targeting the communities was initiated and coordinated by Mr. Joselyn T Lobo, Associate Professor and Dean who personally handed over the 100 kits along with social work students and faculty.
We are grateful to Ms. Geetha, Anganwadi teacher of Jelligudde and Ms. Sumathi, Anganwadi teacher of Bagambilla for identifying the deserving families and accompanying us during the distribution. We acknowledge the transport facilities provided by Mr. Dheeraj Shetty, President, Alumni Association (Mangalore Chapter). Also thankful to the Final BSW students for their service in identification of families and for loading and distribution.
It may be noted that the scheme can be continued if more donors are forthcoming and, then, we could embark on the next phase of identification and distribution.




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