The Department of Psychology, in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), organized a capacity-building program titled "Enhancing Lives: Psychology in Practice" for final-year BA students of Psychology. The session commenced promptly at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, 8th May 2024 in the College Auditorium. Dr. Vinay V Prabhu, a retired Associate Professor and former Head of Department (HOD) of Psychology at N.K. College of Commerce and Arts, Mumbai, served as the esteemed resource person.

The session commenced with an introduction and welcome by Catherine Michelle. Dr. Prabhu's session began by dissecting the nuances of pursuing Psychology as a discipline, explaining both its advantages and challenges. His engaging presentation style, coupled with interactive elements, facilitated an enriching learning experience for the attendees.

Dr. Prabhu elucidated seven fundamental principles, or "Mantras," essential for navigating the complexities of Psychology. First, he stressed the importance of paying attention to how people behave, which can tell us a lot about them. Embracing diversity emerged as another crucial tenet, emphasizing the significance of acknowledging and accepting the inherent differences among individuals to foster empathy and understanding. Additionally, the session emphasized the need to delve deeper into the motives behind behaviors, highlighting the understanding that every action is underpinned by a rationale. Derived from Latin, the concept of "Angoro Impara" was introduced, symbolizing the perpetual process of learning and adaptation ingrained in human behavior.







Next, "Your world is not my world" talked about how each person sees the world differently based on their own experiences and that everyone's perspective is different. It also explained how our thoughts affect how we feel about events, not just the events themselves. Lastly, it discussed the idea of "Fatal Attraction," which means we all have powerful reasons that make us act in certain ways. These ideas help us understand human behaviour better and deal with the complexities of psychology.

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Fathima Ahlaam, extending gratitude to Dr. Prabhu for his invaluable contributions. Through this capacity-building initiative, 40 final-year BA Psychology students were afforded a unique opportunity to glean practical insights, enriching their understanding of Psychology and its real-world applications. The program ended at 3:40 pm.

-Reported by Shivani S (III BA)

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