" We need Trash and not Cash"

You might have definitely witnessed a traffic signal junction where strangers have tapped your Car glass window asking you for MONEY.
That's what we're going to do, but here's the twist, we'll be asking for Garbage and not Money

Here's Why.
1. We were saturated with traditional ways of cleaning streets and beaches
2. We were fed up looking at banners and hover boards used for Image Building
3. We wanted to come out of the box with thinking and also out of
stage based programmes

In order to accomplish the above mentioned pointers, The “Ask for Garbage and not Money” initiatives were launched on one of the overcrowded traffic junctions of Mangalore.

Here's What.
1. Waited for the Signal to turn red
2. Asked for Garbages stored in the cars/vehicles
3. If asked who we were? Then we handed over the brochures

This way, we showcased and spread the message of leoism. This initiative was appreciated by the police Department of Mangaluru. It had a rippling effect and was launched in various parts of the country.

"We need Trash and not cash"

On 4th of November, the Leos of Leo Club RMB conducted the service activity 'Trash not Cash'. The day began with the first gathering of the Leos near Hampankatta circle under the guidance of Lion Lancy Carlo who helped them throughout the process. The activity began with first dividing the Leos into 4 groups. The groups were headed by Leo Vedika Somaiah, president of Leo Club RMB , Leo Saifana Shaikh, Secretary of Leo Club RMB, Ifra Ayesha, District GLT coordinator, and Lion Lancy Carlo. The groups were stationed at 4 signals at the junction of hampankatta. The Leos were provided with gloves, garbage bags, and banners. They went to each vehicle, knocking on their window, asking for trash and not cash. The Leos then extended their service bou diaries to the shops nearby and went ahead to ask shop owners to hand out the trash. Some Leos received words of blessings and encouragement from people, while some received a confused reaction, some experienced people being rude to them, some were given cash which they declined and asked for trash instead and some even had funny incidents to share at the end of the day. All in all, it was a very unique experience. The Leos then took a group picture and 2 men from Kerala were impressed by the work and personally addressed the Leos. The Leos were then provided with refreshments sponsored by Lion Lancy Carlo. The collected trash was disposed of in an orderly manner.






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