On April 30th, 15 final-year students of the School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru, embarked on a captivating study tour to the Naval Aviation Museum located in Bogmalo, Goa. Established on October 12, 1998, the museum stands as a testament to India's rich maritime heritage and technological advancements in naval aviation.

The outdoor exhibit greeted visitors with an impressive array of aircraft engines and parts, including the iconic Harrier jump jet engine renowned for its vertical take-off and landing capabilities on navy ships. Notable aircraft models showcased included the Tejas, Chinook helicopters, Sukhoi jets, Fairey Firefly, Hal HT-2, de Havilland Vampire, Breguet Alize, de Havilland Dove, BAE Sea Harrier FRS 51, Westland Sea King, and Lockheed Constellation. Each aircraft provided a glimpse into the evolution and technological prowess of naval aviation, offering a tangible connection to India's naval history.

The museum's indoor galleries, accessed through a ship’s hatch, offered a captivating journey through the maritime history of India. The Viraat and Vikrant galleries, designed to resemble the interior of naval aircraft carriers, housed imposing models of INS Vikrant and INS Viraat. Visitors delved into specific themes such as bombs, torpedoes, autocannons, and sensors, gaining a nuanced understanding of naval weaponry and equipment. Uniforms of the Indian Air and Naval forces, along with miniature models of fighter jets and helicopters, adorned the exhibition space, accompanied by informative boards detailing their unique features. The chronological charting of the growth and advancements of the Indian Navy and Air Force celebrated their achievements and technological breakthroughs, honoring the legacy of officers who made significant contributions.



A simulated experience room added an immersive dimension to the visit, allowing visitors to virtually immerse themselves in naval operations through videography representation on a large screen. This provided a realistic glimpse into life at sea, enhancing the educational experience for all participants.

The visit to the Indian Navy Museum proved to be an enlightening experience for the final-year students of the School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore. From the impressive outdoor display to the meticulously curated indoor galleries, the museum provided a comprehensive exploration of India's naval aviation history and technological prowess, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. Furthermore, the museum's proximity to Bogmalo and its gift shop, offering a range of souvenirs inspired by the exhibits, added an enjoyable touch to the overall experience, allowing visitors to take a piece of naval history home with them.

As part of an existing memorandum of understanding (MOU) between KMC Manipal, five students of M.Sc. Forensic Science from KMC Manipal also participated in the excursion.

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