Seven students of II MSc Counselling, School Of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, conducted a four-hour, extension activity session for 25 faculties of Athena Institute of Health Sciences, and Athena Institute of Allied Health Sciences, on 3rd April, 2024, from 1-5 pm.

Dr Deepa Peter Principal of Athena Institute of health Sciences, Dr Nandini, Principal of Institute of Allied Health Sciences, and Ms Genevive Serrao, Chairperson, of Staff Welfare Committee, coordinated to make the session possible, and they participated in the session as well. The 25 faculty members who attended the session, were divided into two groups of 13 and 12 members, and the sessions were conducted by Ayshath Mushreefa Nasreen, Kadeeja Afreen, Haleemath Safwana, Delilah Valerie Goveas, Fr Rohan Dias, Sr Florine Synthia Dsouza and Radhika Nayak.

The aim of the session was to equip the teachers with effective classroom management skills and to improve work life balance. The session was divided into four, with each division aiming at objectives of introducing the members to the topic, presenting the importance of classroom management and work life balance, and various skills, techniques and strategies to improve the members’ classroom management and work life balance. The sessions were conducted, based on exercises that highlighted the members’ own experiences and insights. It was an interactive session that included roleplays and discussions, that facilitated sharing of experiences and opinions. The members participated with eagerness and thoroughly enjoyed the exercises and interactions. The members were able to gain in depth information and ways to enhance their existing skills, along with certain novel methods in classroom management. The members were introduced to techniques like ‘Token Economy,’ Journalling – different Types, Communication and Creativity, Strategies to manage Burn out, to name just a few.

The members diligently participated and expressed that the learnings from the session would greatly help in all their future endeavours in teaching and in effectively managing their work life balance as well. It was a learning experience for the students who conducted the sessions as well. It was humbling to see accomplished persons in their respective fields, eagerly participating and putting in honest efforts to learn.

Reported by Radhika Kamath







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