The Department of M.Sc. Counselling School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya Mangalore, hosted International webinar on Sexual Counselling: Application of Therapeutic Techniques in Sexual Dysfunction on 18th May, 2023. There were 67 participants from various states of India and abroad. The objective of the two-hour session was to impart knowledge and skills into the application of therapeutic techniques in sexual dysfunction to clinical and mental health professionals and post graduate students to work in their clinical practices. The facilitator of the session was Mr. Gautham Krishnan, a practicing Clinical Psychologist from Bangalore. Ms. Arpita HB, Holistic well-being forum secretary welcomed the gathering and the resource person, followed by prayer by Sr. Florine D’Souza.

Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, the session began by obtaining consent from the participants. An introduction to the topic was provided, followed by an exploration of various aspects of sexuality, including sexual identity, gender identity, sexual behaviour, and sexual orientation. The Human Sexual Response Cycle and the Intimacy-based Circular Model, which outlines the stages of sexual activity, were then discussed.



The session further highlighted the distinction between functional and dysfunctional sexual activity, Common sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, hypo-arousal, dyspareunia, and anorgasmia were addressed, providing valuable education to the participants. Mr. Gautham Krishnan also introduced the PLISSIT Model, emphasizing the importance of an appropriate approach when dealing with individuals facing sexual concerns. Additionally, several commonly used techniques in sex therapy were explained, including sensate focus technique, stimulus control therapy, cognitive restructuring, the start-stop technique, and squeeze technique.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Prathiksha, the 2nd MSc Counselling class representative. The session was greatly appreciated by the participants and many expressed it as a remarkable learning experience coupled with an opportunity to overcome inhibitions and unrealistic fears often considered taboo.


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