Students from the II counseling, School of social work, Roshni Nilaya conducted a psycho-education session on the theme "being myself" (self-esteem) for first-year doctor of pharmacy students at Karavali College of Pharmacy. This session was scheduled for 4 hours on April 21, 2022. There were 19 members who participated in this session. The psycho-education was conducted by 5 group leaders. Lack of self-esteem among members was the rationale to use this topic for intervention. The aim of the Psycho-educational intervention was to enhance the level of self-esteem among the members. The session was carried out with the cognitive-behavioral approach. The psycho-education intervention was divided into 4 sessions. The first session aimed at educating the members on the concepts of self-esteem and assisting them to gauge their own level of self-esteem. The objective of the second session was to help the members get insights into identifying how their negative automatic thoughts affect their self-esteem. The cognitive triad, ABC framework, and thought log were explained through various exercises. Different energizers were also included to make the members retain their energy. The third session focused on training the members to challenge and deal with their negative automatic thoughts through different cognitive techniques such as their question technique and thought stopping. The fourth session aimed at helping the members maintain the alternative rational thought through behavioral techniques. The psychoeducation session, helped the members identify and challenge their negative thoughts affecting their self-esteem. Members also gained insight on how to maintain rational thoughts through various behavioral techniques. All these concepts were trained to the members through various forms of exercises throughout the four sessions.





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