A group process session was conducted for the 2nd year M.Sc. Criminology and Forensic Science students on the 4th November 2021. The numbers of participants were 7 and the topic of group process was creative thinking. The duration of the session was one hour from 3.00 pm to 4.00pm

The group process session consisted of sharing input on the aspects of creative thinking, learning techniques to creative thinking and tips to enhance creative thinking. The objective of this group session was to enhance creative thinking among the group members.

The group process began with an introductory exercise where it gave the participants to introduce themselves to each other. The group was also explained the meaning of creative thinking and the types of creative thinking.

To make the group members get hands on experience on the types of creative thinking, an exercise was given to the members who got an idea about how to draw a mindmap and how they can use mind map in their field.





Next, the group members were given an exercise to implement use mind mapping techniques in real life situations, with the objective to give group members opportunity to brainstorm and use mind map technique.

Finally, the group members were given an exercise to create a story outline using a word each by each group members. The objective of this exercise was to foster creative thinking. On the whole, this session helped the participants to understand what is creative thinking, types of creative thinking and skills to enhance creative thinking.

The group process session concluded by taking the feedback from the participants. The experience of the participants was noted and the participants were thanked for their cooperation and participation.


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