English / Common name- Da Xanh Pomelo, Pomelo

Local name- Devanahalli pomelo, Chakotha

Botanical name- Citrus Maximus or citrus grandis

Appearance- It has a sweet and deliciously tart taste. The pomelo tree reaches 5-15 m tall, with a 10-30 cm crooked trunk. Its branches are low, irregular, and densely soft, which are short when young. More than 70% of the roots are in the top meter of soil. Leaves are compound and grow alternately with an elliptic shape. Like other citruses, the off-white large flowers are fragrant and single. In optimal conditions, pomelo bears flowers 4 times a year. It is a green-skinned and round pomelo from Vietnam. Fruit weighs 1.0-1.5 kg with juicy pinkish-red flesh when ripe.

Conditions required for growth: Pomelo can be propagated by many methods including seeds, cuttings, air-layering, grafting, and marcotting. Commercially, it is commonly propagated by grafting an individual bud of a selected variety onto a rootstock seedling or by an air-layering method. Cultivars reproduced by seed are considered inferior, not uniform, and take a long time to produce fruit.
Uses-This local variety helps burn fat to promote weight loss, its high content of vitamin C with antioxidant and anti-aging properties help boost immunity. Pomelo is an excellent source of folate, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and calcium

Common remedies-

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part of the tree used - Fruit ): The pomelo fruit fortifies the lungs and the spleen. It is also believed that the fruit can reduce abdominal pains, edema, and phlegm.
  • (Part of the tree used - Leaves )The leaves are boiled into a lotion and applied to swellings and ulcers.
  • (Part of the tree used - Flower )Decoctions of the flowers and rind are believed to alleviate epilepsy, chorea, and convulsive coughing.





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