English/Common name- Wodyetia palm tree

Local name- Foxtail palm

Botanical name- Wodyetia bifurcata,

Appearance- The Palm and Cycads Societies of Australia (PACSOA) describes this palm as a “very attractive palm with long 2 to 3 meters plumose leaves (hence the name ‘Foxtail’) and up to 10 meters tall with a grey trunk. It produces large orange fruit about the size of a duck egg.”

Origin: It is a species of palm in the family of Arecaceae, native to Queensland, Australia. It is the sole species in the genus Wodyetia.

Conditions required for growth- The Foxtail palm in most localities wants full sun. They do very poorly in the shade and in most applications do not do well. The water needs of this species are about average for a palm. But because they do well with a warm, dry season there may be some potential for this to be a water-conserving species. Grown in a wide range of soils, the only requirement is that the soil is well-draining and not highly acidic.

Uses- It is an exceptionally nice species for the garden if one satisfies growing requirements. It can be used in a personal residence, or in commercial settings as a species to line the parkway of a street or in an arboretum that has adequate sun. It is a very ornamental palm tree cultivated for decorative purposes. It can resist some occasions below zero degrees, especially adult plants. The Foxtail palm is easy to grow, with its leaves shredding from the crown when dry without the need for pruning, it is also little attacked by pests and diseases

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