As we all know, the coronavirus is increasing very rapidly and there are large number of people affected by this. Due to this, there is a shortage of masks and sanitizers, and in many areas there is a shortage of food grains for daily wage workers. Due to a lack of income, these people cannot afford to feed their families and take care of them at such a crucial time.

Tio help some of these people, Ms. Madhulika Youth Red Cross Volunteers distributed masks and sanitizers to the cleaners, milkmen and other people who are fulfilling their duties by risking their lives for us, along with bags of food grains in Koteshwar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


She also tried to make people more aware of the Social distance, benefits of using masks and sanitizers in order to protect themselves and their families.

A total of 8 people benefited with the face masks and sanitizers and 5 people benefited by the distribution of food grains.

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