The Session began on the 8th of February ,2020 in the College Auditorium.

The Faculty welcomed the Guests Ms. Patsy khan, Assistant Mother General of Daughters of the Heart of Mary and Ms. Maria Frinch, Superior of Belgium Convent and Palliative Care.

Ms. Carol M. Pinto and Ms. Nayomi of MSW traditionally welcomed the guests and escorted them towards the dais, followed by Professor Philomena Superior, President of the Institute.

The Principal of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya Dr. Juliet CJ, Vice Principal Ms. Jenis Mary were also invited to the dais.

The programme began with the College Prayer led by MSW students.

The Principal of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya introduced and welcomed guests on the dais and briefed the students and faculty about the guests. She mentioned that Ms. Frinch had donated for the infrastructure of the college library.
Ms. Frinch  took over and spoke about the palliative care. She continued to explain the difficulty and emotional break downs of the patients involved. She said that a few of the patients demanded potassium injections to end their life of pain.





Ms. Frinch went on to explain how she continued to pursue palliative practice, as she was intimidated by the social workers duty. They then went on to work as counsellors, palliative physicians for 15 years and further opened various such branches to reach out to patients in need.

She wrote a book named Artificial Nutrition At The End Of Life. Ms. Frinch went onto explain the various events of their life that created  milestones  during their journey.
She spoke about Cicily Saunders, the hospice movement for palliative care, being a nurse for Red Cross after World War 2.

Ms. Frinch became emotionally attached with a patient David Tasma and created the dream to start a palliative care centre.

The students were briefed about what palliative really was and it was described as an  association with people to express contradictory attitudes, celebrating the meaning of life.

Palliative care was a process and not a ready made solution. Ms. Frinch concluded by stating that there is always a vigorous debate on deciding what’s best for the patient.

Then session ended with a few questions raised by Professor Shobhana Dean of BA and Head of the Department of English and Mr. Jason from First Year MSW.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by the Master of Ceremony Professor Sandra Lobo.


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