The students of school of social work celebrated student’s day On 10th of June 2022,. It was a day packed with fun and laughter, dotted with amazing performances by teaching and non - teaching staff, and students. Students carried a new lane of happy memories on their way back home . The fine morning of 10th June was filled with the hustle and bustle of the staff and students. It was finally the long awaited students day.

The day began with a prayer and seeking blessings of the almighty lord. The teachers along with the principal invoked blessings for everyone present, especially the students. After the prayer, the audience, (consisting of students dazzling in their outfits) were hyped up after being informed that there was going to be a basketball match. The match was set between students vs teaching staff. Everyone headed to the basketball court. It was a fine match in fine weather cheered by a fine audience. Ther match went on till it started drizzling. Every Roshnite will remember this moment as a picturesque match in warm sun and drizzling rain brought smiles to everyone present. After the match, the students played a lot of games. The games were organized by Ms. Shobha and team. The creative and unique concept of group formations and gaming ideologies made the students break the ice and got moving. The games went on till noon. After which the audience, now tired and hungry, went to have their lunch.

Lunch was organized by the college management. After a filling lunch, the cultural programme started. The rejuvenated audience was super hyped when they witnessed their lecturers set the stage ablaze with their moves.

Next the students witnessed splendour and creativity by the 1st BA, who made sure everyone came out of their shells with their moves and ramp walk. Continuing the enthusiasm there was a melodious and memorable song performance by 1st BSW. The audience got in sync with them and the hall reverberated with harmony and happiness.

Not allowing the mood to settle down or the ramp go dry, there was a theme walk by the teaching and non teaching staff. The symbolic representations and meaningfulness in the concept along with the live example of inclusiveness, gave a message that one can have fun while earning and realizing new things too and it stood true for what they were described by the MCs ‘they say and they slay’. Adding more to the energy, there was a fabulous performance by 2nd BA. Their moves got everybody moving along with the rhythm.





















Pushing creativity to new standards, there was a unique video presentation by the teachers, which filled the auditorium with laughter and craving for more. Meeting the audience’s hopes, the teachers presented reels performances and made everyone get up from their seats to cheer.

Before the audience could droop , another fierce performance was done by the ‘ kerala born confused desis’ elevated the mood and left everyone struggling to catch their breath but still willing to go on.

The audience was served with icecreams which helped them cool down and the teachers were back on stage , giving performances with messages and lessons. They performed a skit which emphasized the importance of communication and how miscommunication can lead to a lot of chaos. The laughter filled auditorium was then taken along a very energetic musical journey by the 3rd BA. Their performance kept the spirit up from the beginning of the programme alive and going despite the tiredness.

And when everyone was convinced that the programme had come to an end , a bang on entry startled everyone. Dr.Keshav, along with his team walked down right from the middle of the audience and left everyone gapping. This surprise element really took everyone by surprise and with the end of this amazing performance, the cultural programme for the students day 2022 , came to an end.

The day finally came to an end and the teachers and students left with a new set of happy memories. The hustle and bustle in the campus of Roshni came down and it stood awaiting yet another day and yet another learning opportunity.

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