A programme on “Family Life Education” was organised for III BA & BSW students on 29th April 2022, by the IQAC, School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya. The resource person for the session was Advocate Rushila Rebello, who is a member of Internal Committee (ICC) At Reserve Bank of India- Mumbai, Ratnakar Bank LTD-Mumbai, Calypso Technology- Mumbai, Pune and Chennai, SGSCO-Mumbai, Kendriya Vidyalaya- South Delhi, Gyanmata Sadhan- Talasari (Maharashtra) and Jyoti Kiran-Himachal Pradesh.She also has tremendous experience as a Human Rights Lawyer, and is currently pursuing her Phd. on the topic "Attitude of Youth towards Domestic Violence against Married Women: A Study in the Western Suburban Slums of Mumbai".

The programme began at 2:00 p.m with Ms. Delilah from third B.A. introducing the resource person. Advocate Rebello then took over the stage and began by talking about what is the meaning of Family Life Education. The rest of the programme was split into two sessions.











In the first session, students performed an activity called the "Body Mapping Exercise". Where they were formed into four groups and asked to stick six charts together such that it formed a rectangle. Each group had a volunteer who then laid down on the paper, and her or his body was drawn. Then the students drew organs that were externally visible, and marked organs that made us feel pain, pleasure, power and those which make us shy and explained the reasons for feeling these emotions. The boys and girls presented it separately. This served as an icebreaker and allowed students to talk about topics that are otherwise not frequently talked about. Students also watched a documentary that spread awareness about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Students then had a discussion about ethical practices to be followed during and prior to a sexual intercourse. In the second session, students talked about love versus Infatuation, love versus crushes, Sexual Harassment and laws relating to Sexual Harassment, marriage and family, singleness and how to cope with it and contraception. Here, the resource person spoke about cases that she had represented, which made the session even more interesting. The programme came to an end at 4:45 P.M., concluded by a vote of thanks by Ms.Akshaya from III B.A.The event was a very informative one. Students learnt a lot about life and family, which concerns them. Advocate Rushila Rebello ensured that the programme was an interactive one and kept students engaged throughout the event. This event is certainly helpful in preparing the youth for the future.

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