The Annual Special Camp 2021-2022 organised by National Service Scheme of School of Social Work, RoshniNilaya, Mangaluruwas scheduled from 20-03-2022 to 26-03-2022 at Government Higher Primary School, HuvuhaakuvaKallu, Balepuni village, Bantwal Taluk. The programme officers were Asst. Prof.Obanath and Asst. Prof.Veena B K.
With the Theme-“Youth for Science and Scientific Psycho-spirituality”

On 20-03-2022, the volunteers gathered in the college premises by 10:00am. Dr.Juliet CJ, Principal, Dr. Jenis Mary, Vice Principal and MS. Vida Sequeira, President, Prof. Eveleen Benis, Secretary, Institute of Social Servicea ddressed the volunteers and wished success, right after, the volunteers left to the camp location and reached by 10:45am and they were provided with refreshments. SDMC President of the school Mr. Naveenchandra, member of Balepuni Gram Panchayat Mrs. Semima and Mr. Nagaraj, Assistant Teacher welcomed and addressed the volunteers. Hereafter, the volunteers were divided into five teams named Sathya, Shanthi, Seva, Jnana and Neethi namely. Further, these groups went to five different areas of the village for survey. The volunteers started preparing for the inauguration programme right after the lunch. The inauguration programme began at 4:00 pm and the camp was inaugurated by Mr. Ramesh shenava.NSS Programme Officers Mr. Obanath K and Mrs. Veena B K, Assoc. Prof Vineetha K, Registrar,Prof. EveleenBenis, HoD MSW Department, School of Social Work, RoshniNilaya, Mr. KrishnaMoolya, Director, Jana Shikshana Trust, Mudipu, Mr. Naveenchandra, SDMC President, Mrs. Aasma, SDMC Vice President, Mrs. Vijayalaxmi,Head Mistress addressed volunteers and conveyed their good wishes; NSS Leaders Mr.Bilal, Ms. Sinchana D Shetty were also present. The programme ended at 5:30pm with national anthem.After an hour of practice, cultural programme began at 6:30 pm where the volunteers gave different performances and hosted several activities for community people.Evaluation for the day began at 9:00pm right after dinner. The successful day came to an end at 10:30pmafter valuable discussion done during evaluation.

Day 2 , 21/03/2022
The day began at 5:30am, after freshening up the volunteers meditated and exercised. Flag hoisting was done by Mrs. Anusuya Kamath, Asst. Prof, BSW department, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru. The breakfast was served at 8:30am, shramadan began right after that. The volunteers leveled the ground and the shramadan went on till 12:30 pm. The volunteers had their lunch at 1:30 pm.The educational program began at 2:30 pm. The resource person was Dr. Rameela Shekar, Mental Health Professional and Trainerand she gave a session on Role of NSS in developing Leadership Skills. Lancy Carlo, President, Lions Club, Mangaluru and Asst. Teacher Mr. Nagaraj were also present. The programme ended with the National Anthem. The volunteers practiced for cultural programme from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, meanwhile, the evening snacks was served and also flag was lowered at 6:00pm. Cultural programme began at 6:30pm, community people also took part in it. After dinner, evaluation programme was held at 9:00 pm and volunteers were left to rest at 10:30 pm.

Day 3, 22/03/2022
The volunteers began their day at 5:30am with exercise. Mr. Sudheer Balepuni did the flag hoisting at 7am. After an hour of shramadan breakfast was served at 8:30am. Immediately, the volunteers continued shramadan till 12:30pm and refreshment was served in between. The volunteershad their lunch at 1:30 pm. Educational programme in which Mr. JaganPawar , Theater Artist, was the resource person and the session was on the topic“Role of Street Play for Social Change” and the session ended at 5:00pm. After evening snacks, the volunteers played fungames. The flag was lowered before sun set. Cultural programme began at 6:30pm and dinner was served at 8:30pm. The day ended with effective evaluation.

Day 4, 23/03/2022
As usual the day began at 5:30am with warmup exercise . The flag hoisting was done by GuruappaBalepuniat 7:00am. The volunteers had their breakfast at 8:30 am and began shramadan at 9:30am which went on till 12:30pm. After lunch, the educational programme began at 2:30pm. Mr. Sheena Shetty, and Mr.Krishna Moolya. Founders of Jana Shikshana Trust, Mudipu were the resource person. They spoke about cleanliness and sustainable development and Hanif, Panchayat Member of Baalepuni was present as a guest. The session came to an end at 4:30 pm and was followed by evening snacks. The cultural programme began at 6:00pm in which community people also took part. The dinner was served at 8:30pm, it was followed by Evaluation session. The day ended at 10:30 pm

Day 5, 24/03/2022
The volunteers woke up at 5:00 am and started exercising by 6am. Exercise was followed by flag hoisting which was done by Sevateam. The volunteers cleaned the ground as a part of shramadan and after having breakfast at 8:30am they continued leveling the ground and work was completed on this day. After an hour of rest, lunch was served at 1:30 pm. Educational programme began at 2:30pm. LancyCarlo was a resource person and NitteGuthu ( name) was present as a guest they spoke about “importance of organ donation” and educational session ended with National Anthem at 4:30 pm. Evening snacks was served right after and also volunteers practised for cultural programme. The cultural programme began at 6:30pm and also games were conducted for community children. Dinner at 8:30 pm was followed by Evaluation session. At the productive day came to an end at 10:30pm.

Day 6, 25/03/2022
The last working day also started at 5:30am with exercise. Mr. Ismail, Social Worker, Balepunidid the flag hoisting and right after the volunteers visited his house and learnt about Rain Water Harvesting Method, learnt about different saplings and also waste management. After returning volunteers had their breakfast at 9:00 am and immediately left to Gram Panchayat for shramadan. The members left about segregation of Municipal Waste and also cleaned the surrounding. Refreshment was served at the end. After rest the volunteers had their lunch at 1:30pm. The educational session began at 2:30pm, Mr. YogeshMalligemaadu, City Coordinator, Child Line took a interactive session on “ Healthy Life skills”. Meanwhile, the NSS coordinator of Mangalore University, Dr. Nagarathna. K.A visited the camp. The dinner was served little early at 7:30 pm as there was Shibirajyothi later. Shibirajyothi began at 8:00 pm and went on till 11:00pm. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Headmisgroups Mrs. Semima, Panchayat Member Balepuniwere present as guests. All the groups sang patriotic songs and also each volunteer shared their camp experience. The day was filled with emotion as camp came to an end.

Day 7, 26/03/2022
The day began at 6:00 am, valedictory was scheduled on this day. The breakfast was served at 8:00 am and preparation for valedictory programme began. At 10:30 am the valedictory programme began, the chief guest was Dr. JenisMary, Vice Principal, School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru and the guests were Mr. Krishna Moolya, Director, Jana shipshape Trust, Mudipu, Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi, Head Mistress, Mr. Abubakar, Panchayat Member ,Sri Naveen Chandra, SDMC president, Mrs. Asma, SDMC Vice President. After theprogramme the volunteers cleaned the surroundings and left at 12:30pm and Reached college at 1:30pm.





















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