The Department of Criminology organised a workshop on “Forensic Ballistics” on 17th June 2022 from 1. 30 P.M. to 4. 30 P.M. for the students of II B.A. (65 Students).The speaker for the workshop was Mr. Arjun M. Shivakumar, Forensic Tutor, Dept. of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. He has done P.G Diploma in Voice analysis.

He started his session on the topic Speaker Identification by explaining about Speaker recognition. It is the identification of a person from characteristics of voices. It is used to answer the question `Who is speaking?" .he also discussed different terms like voice recognition, Speaker verification, Speaker diarisation (recognizing when the same speaker is speaking). He discussed various techniques used for identification of the speaker and its evidentiary value of them in the court of law.




In his next session he discussed the topic "Forensic Ballistics”. It is a branch of forensic science which deals with shooting incidents for the purpose of justice. It also includes Matching and identification of cartridge cases and bullets plays a key role in identifying the firearm. He spoke about the Identification of the firearm and how Firearm identification is important in solving cases by analyzing the bullets and cartridge cases left at a crime scene to determine if they came from a particular firearm. He also spoke about examination and comparison of recovered bullets from the scene of crime or dead body using a comparison microscope. He explained about various other tests like GSR, how to determine of Range of Firing and the Angle of Firing. He even presented videos regarding the topic to captivate the students attention.

Overall the students gained a lot of knowledge from this workshop.

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