The department of M. Sc. Counselling organized a workshop on “Gatekeeper Training and Suicidal Intervention Skills” on 10th December 2022 from 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in the Seminar Hall of School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya. The objective of the workshop was to impart knowledge and skills of intervention to the students to reach out and address the suicidal cases. The resource persons for the day were Dr. Lavina Noronha- the director of Ave Maria Palliative Care-, and Ms. Sandra Suares- Active member of Susheg Suicide Lifeline. The resource persons are well known for their hands on experience in this field and are currently actively involved for the cause of saving precious life through Susheg suicide lifeline. The participants were 36 students of first and second M.Sc. Counselling.

Ms. Sandra Suares began her presentation by presenting the statistical data of suicidal ratio both worldwide and in our country. The stark reality flabbergasted us; truly it is the grim picture which is ‘a call’ to respond through our profession as counsellors; to create hope through action and to take a minute, to save life. She explained the origin of the word suicide which comes from the Latin word Sui which means oneself, Cadere means to kill, therefore suicide which means to kill oneself and the three stages of suicide namely Ideation, Planning and Auto Pilot.

The second half of the session Dr. Lavina took over and dealt on the practical aspects of how the gatekeeper has to be attentive to the small signs shown by the person. The person's display of symptoms is a wakeup call to be alert and to be watchful, not only in words, in showing sympathy and immediately ready to spend time allowing them to share their concern, delay can be fatal. The use of SLAP method to asses and to prevent, S- for specific plan, L- lethal proposed method, A- available proposed method and P- proximity of helping resources. The simple methods were given to us, they are- to make contract with the person, allow them to talk, use psychological first aid, hope kit and philosophy of living, would help them to change their thought pattern.

The session was very informative and applicable at the same time. Listening to these experienced people's knowledge, and sharing of experience of working right in the field, ignited our zeal to face such situations with some clarity of thought and taught us to take some concrete actions, facilitative stance and to elicit reasons for living in actual circumstances. We, the student body, are grateful to Dr. Sophia N. Fernandes the principal, the H.O.D. of M. Sc. Counselling Dr. Rosa N. Mathew and the faculty for always providing the best educative learning experience in the academic progress. We are ever grateful to each of them.

Reported by: Florine D’Souza (Ist M.Sc. Counseling student)





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