Group process was conducted on the topic importance of observation for M.Sc. Forensic Science and Criminology on 4th November 2021 at School of Social Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore. The observation skill is integral part for CFS students as well as Counselling students therefore the aim of group process was to give the members insight on importance of observation. The group session began with an introductory exercise which helped the group members to understand how well they observe the people around them, whom they already know and the chances of ignorance towards things taken for granted. The members were explained the importance of the observation and the factors influencing observation like, inattention, perception and distraction. The members were engaged in a fun physical exercise where the members had to follow certain instructions and at the same time not follow the nonverbal cues and vice versa, this exercise gave an insight on distraction and its impact on the observation. The group members were engaged throughout, they got an insight on the importance of observation, conscious observing, intentional blindness, mental filtering and factors influencing observation. The group member shared feedback towards the end. The group leaders thanked the members for their enthusiastic participation and for sharing their insights. The session ended with the insights and smiles. The members enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the exercise.




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