Training programme was organised by the department of M.Sc. Counselling to Anugraha Counselling and Training Centre, Dindigul. Tamil Nadu from 4th- to 10th March, 2017. From counselling 26 students, 2 staff and 3 students of PGDC joined us in the quest for knowledge and healing. The session on healing the Inner Child, Mind Blocks, Relationship Counselling, Eclectic Therapy and Parapsychology was conducted by Fr. Sunder Wilson, Director, Anugraha Counselling Centre. On 4th of March day was spent on rapport building activities.

On day one 5/03/2017 Fr. Wilson began with a vibrating action song and moved on to explain about the concept of Inner child, baby genius, dummy parent, imprinting, inner pilot and also importance of mothers touch to build immunity in the child.

On the second day, the first session focused on the importance of probiotics, alkalizing food, processed food, and natural remedies for cleansing and energising the digestive system. The second session highlighted the lack of nurturing which leads to dependency and codependency. Interventions such as interacting with nature, inner child dialogue, healing the deepest wound would help in developing a healthy personality. Next session gave an insight on how protection and reassurance helps in building trust. This was followed by 3 trust building exercises in dyads, triads and rounds; each of the students was involved in the activities to come out of fear and mistrust. The last session Fr. Wilson explored the 27 body movement and how creative body movements help in releasing negative emotions. The day concluded with a long walk through the village and fun time in the evening with games and quiz.



Day Three the session began with an action song. The focus of the session was releasing the primal pain. Different forms of dance like, Jumbo, Bangra, and belly dance were introduced as a therapeutic tool for releasing negative emotions. In the following session, the facilitator explained the subliminal perception, reprogramming the inner child and filling the love tank.

Day 4, the main objective of the session was dealing with guilt and shame. Some of the key points discussed were, catharsis through quantum expression and not continuum, childhood development of shame and guilt through parental injunction and negative life themes. The session 2 and 3, focused on attending skills and eclectic approach to counselling. The last session roused the curiosity of the students with the stages in Romantic life. The concept like scanning, choosing the life partner and process in a romantic relationship was addressed.

On day 5 Fr. Wilson introduced the area of Parapsychology. The students were made aware of devils, Psychological and elemental possession. The students were introduced to the idea of Aura and some were trained to identify the level of Aura. This was followed by practicing aura enhancing exercises. In session 2 the facilitator explained the different mind blocks and how learned helplessness, a barrier to let go of mind blocks. This was followed by personality self- assessment through drawing and handwriting analysis. The last evening session highlighted the types of couple dyads and love languages. This was followed by feedback and thanking the facilitator for his fantabulous inputs and participatory training.

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