PG Department of social work, Sustainable Development Forum, 2nd year MSW students conducted a thematic presentation on the topic “LEARNINGS BEYOND THE WALLS” as part of the forum activity on 24th May,2023 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in Maria Paiva Hall.

Mr. Sumanth shettigar, from MSW 2nd year delivered a warm welcome to the audience. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by our teaching and non- teaching staff. The theme of the presentation was introduced by Mr. Prajwal Rego through a meaningful powerpoint presentation. Mr Prajwal from MSW 2nd year shared with the participants about the survey in which they gained rich experience and learning. The Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS) is a nationally representative multi-topic panel survey of households conducted in 1503 villages and 971 urban neighborhoods across India.The IHDS is a collaborative research program between researchers from the National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi and the University of Maryland. The IHDS survey is of 3 waves that is from (2002-3), (2011-12) and 2022-23 which is still on-going process. In IHDSsurvey,four to five hours of interviews in each household covered topics concerning health, education, employment, economic status, marriage, fertility, gender relations, and social capital. Children aged 8-11 completed short reading, writing, and arithmetic tests.The goal of IHDS is to document changes in the daily lives of Indian households in an era of rapid transformation. In this way some brief introduction of the survey is given by him.

IHD survey experiences were shared by our beloved Alumni of Roshni Nilaya Mr. Kishore Attavar and by one of the team members of IHDS of Roshni Nilaya team Mrs. Aarthi Rajeev who is awarded as best trainee of IHDS survey. After that an activity was conducted under the initiative of Mr. Prajwal Rego. The outcome of the activity depicted “our strength and capacity is beyond what we think”.

Ms. Brinda from 1st year MSW , summarized the learnings that they received being part of this national level survey. She said in depth about the IHDS survey, about their 23 days of training of IHDS survey in Mysore including 2 days of field visits. She also said that they are proud enough to say that they were the only 4 student members from college who attended this IHDS training while others were from other state N.G.O working members. Then also explained all the theoretical terms of the IHDS survey that is of 6 sections. They are Tracking, Roster, Household (HH), Health and Education, E.W. (Eligible Women), H.A (anthropometry), H.L (learning Test) and migrated. After that she also explained about the challenges that they faced during the IHDS survey. There was good understanding and cooperation within the team members which made the work easier. This survey was challenging ,it required patience and perseverance between the interviewer and the respondents. He named this survey as the MOTHER OF ALL THE SURVEY because if we are expert in this survey then we can do any survey in a flexible manner. It was indeed an experiential learning.

Thereafter Mr. Sumanth Shettigar shared his experiences of IHDS survey and he was inspired by an unsung hero of Renjilady community. Mr.Sumanth’s sharing was really heart touching, motivational and inspirational to the participants . Dr. Juliet ma’am appreciated the team with her feedback. Ms. Vaishnavi proposed the vote of thanks. Total 150 participants including PG Faculty and students attended this thematic presentation. .The programme ended with the National Anthem.









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