Mr. Dheeraj Shetty, General Manager, JBF Petrochemicals, addressed the students of II MSW – PM & IR on the “Transformation of Human Resources”. Discussing the trends in the industry, Mr. Shetty deliberated on the evolution of HR from Labour Management, Personnel Management, Human Resource Management, and finally, the Human Capital, where an employee is considered as an asset and an investment by the firm. He discussed the change in the perspectives of the corporate, the organizations and their cultures, while constantly stressing on the need for the HR professionals to add value to the organization.

Speaking about the various challenges in the field of HR like the Generation Gap, Technology Revolution and the change in working dynamics, Mr. Shetty spoke about the futuristic perspectives of HR, and concluded the hot topic by stating that as long as humans are required to run an organization, Human Resource Management will strive and thrive.

Mr. Shetty also spoke on “Campus to Corporate”, wherein he stressed on a few Do’s and Don’ts at an interview. The tips from an HR’s perspective provided to the students, who would be facing the campus recruitment in this academic year, deemed to be extremely useful. The students asked a few questions at the end of the session, each of which Mr. Shetty addressed. The three-hour session was an informative experience, since it helped the students to create an outline and build a frame of their career.

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