---School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, a constituent of the registered Society, Institute of Social Service Mangalore of Karnataka State which was established in 1960, is a pioneer Institute of Social Work education in Karnataka.  As the name surmises, the stakeholders, staff and students who enter the portals of this ‘abode of light’ are invited to be light bearers in their own milieu. With its motto, ‘Love is made fruitful in Service’, education at School of Social Work entails personal, professional and socially responsible formation of young learners with a multi-faceted approach of intellectual growth, positive and progressive attitudinal formation, hands-on experiences, field and exposure programmes as well as life skills development. Roshnites are called to make a difference in their personal, family and professional lives.  We earnestly desire that every Roshnite, having discovered the potentials within, will contribute to the well-being of persons and communities that they are connected to.  Many of our alumni ignite and spread the light of Roshni through their commitment and dedicated service in various human service organisations, social, industrial and corporate sectors, counselling programmes, correctional settings and literary fields.

We are pleased to welcome you to be a part of this institute to add to its noble heritage, getting integrated into its vision and mission.  May we share the light of knowledge, values and competencies gained through the process of education and illumine the world around us as persons and professionals of commitment, expertise and service.  

Ms. Juliet C J, MSW ( Pursuing Ph D in Social Work)




The School of Social Work, managed by the Institute of Social Service Mangalore of Karnataka State, was established in 1960 in Mangalore by the Society of Daughters of the Heart of Mary, an International Catholic Religious Society, founded in France in 1790 during the French Revolution.

Dr. Sophia Fernandes , MSW. Ph D in Social Work






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