In order to promote people based development Nav Jeevan Marg, a rural community centre, came into being in 1976 in Ullal. Through this center attempts were made to mobilize people of rural neighbourhoods for their own development. Later, the centre was transformed into a residential training facility for Anganwadi Workers in 1979, under the sponsorship of the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Karnataka – a program of Integrated Child Development Scheme. Besides training teachers in preschool education, it aims at enabling them to become change agents at the grass-root level.


The Anganwadi Training Centre is a collaborative effort with the Government to promote integrated development of family with special focus on women and children. The courses conducted by the centre are:

Course Duration
Orientation Course 6 Days
Refresher Courses for the workers as well as the helpers 7 Days
Job Oriented Course 1 Month

As per the government order of the Department of Women and Child Development, Bangalore , keeping in mind the objectives and packages of services of I.C.D.S.,  it provides training for  Anganwadi workers as well as helpers.

It offers training in:

  1. Non-formal education skills
  2. Pre-School Education
  3. Health and Nutrition Programmes
  4. Communication skills
  5. Value education
  6. Use of low cost teaching aids
  7. Animation of Self Help Groups
  8. Leadership skills
  9. Implementation of Government Schemes such as Immunization
  10. Community Development Activities
  11. Information and Demonstration of Self- employment, Vermi Composed, Herbal Garden etc…

The training involves theory and practicals using participatory methodologies such as group work, exposure visits, role plays and workshops. Extra curricular activities are also conducted such as awareness programmes on Rights of Women and Children and Government Schemes.

During the year 2013-14 the activities Conducted in Anganawdi Training  Centre are as follows :

Sponsored by UGC :- 

• Candle Making

• Soap Making 

• Phenyl Making

• Herbal Garden & Vegetable Garden 

• Nutrition Practical in Roshni College

• Demonstration of  Vermi  Compose 

• Talk on Herbal Medicine

• Talk on Health and Hygiene 

• Talk on Child Rights & Women Rights

Batches : 1979 - 2014

Job Training Course                       -      83   batches                          

Refresher  Course                           -      168  batches

Orientation Course                         -       110  batches

Refresher Course for the helpers    -       138  batches



Total Number of Traineers:           -     495  batches

 Job Training Course                       -       3290                      

Refresher  Course                           -       8002

 Orientation Course                          -      4881

 Refresher Course for the helpers     -     6013

 Total                                                   - 22186


The Principal and the instructors are also given an Orientation Training for 11 days and Refresher Courses every 2 years as well as other staff development programmes.


1.       Awareness developed about the social realities motivate the trainees to work at the grass root level.

2.       The trainees become the change agents to prevent unhealthy practices and ill health as well as to promote the physical and psychological well being of the people, with special focus on pre-natal and post-natal care.

3.       The pre primary training prepares the child to enter the formal school.

4.       Forming and strengthening Self Help Groups leads to empowerment of women.

In a year about 800 women are trained to be effective instruments in community development programs.






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