On September 5th 2018,Tuesday EQUATIONS a research campaign and advocacy organisation hosted a workshop to the MSW students of School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya. EQUATIONS is an organisation which studies the issues of different social groups like women, children , environment,caste,labour,artisans etc through the lens of tourism.

Main contents of the workshop included economics of tourism ,governance,law of tourism programme.Ms.Nino Charles,alumni of Roshni Nilaya specialised in PM&IR and also a qualified counsellor who right now heads the communication wing of EQUATIONS, addressed the students on the topics.She also explained the students about physical,ecological ,political impacts of tourism and also regarding various types of tourism like medical tourism,educational tourism etc and it’s impacts on local areas and its population.She also gave insight to the students regarding child exploitation,children rights,sexual exploitation of children etc.There was also an question and answer round at the end of first part of workshop,where the resource person answered the questions of the students related to tourism and it’s impacts.

In the second part of the workshop students were divided into different groups and each group was given a case studies on child exploitation.Ms Kavitha M from communication team of EQUATIONS,took over the session and asked the students to discuss the given case in the group and after the group discussion one representative from each group presented their case to the gathering.

Workshop was really informative to the students and contents of the workshop were really interesting and thought provoking one.

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