Orientation to psychiatry workshop by Ms. Prateeksha Shetty, a clinical psychology lecturer on 11th July, 2017. She dealt with psychiatric illness , types and symptoms which are related to psychiatric illness. There were practical session along with the theory, which helped us in identifying the illnesses and how to deal with the client.


Aggressive management of college students workshop by Ms.Sandra Lobo, professor of school of social work Roshini Nilaya on 13th July 2017.she spoke about causes and conflict resolution model. She conducted group activities and role play. Trainees learnt to how to cope up with aggressive behaviour.


Counselling skills workshop by Ms. Spoorthi and Ms. Rameela shekhar, dean and student welfare officer of PG Department of school of social work Roshini Nilaya on 13thand 14th July 2017. They dealt with counselling skills such as rapport building, listening, observing, questioning, reframing etc followed by demonstration.
Thematic presentation on DEPRESSION “LET'S UNDERSTAND IT BETTER" was conducted in seminar hall on 8th August 2017 at 3.30pm by 2nd Medical and Psychiatric Social Work students. This program went on as per the following agenda, at first student of 2nd MPSW performed a role play, and followed by power point presentation. The presentation explained about how depression is different from sadness, meaning, causes and symptoms like lack of sleep, poor appetite, decreased interest in favourite activities, significant weight loss or gain, fatigue or loss of energy and also about the diagnosis. Mental health interventions like psycho education, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, inter personal therapy etc were discussed. Program ended with the video of cine star Deepika Padukone as an ambassador for depression.


Workshop on media and health by Mr.Vishal Nayak, Assistant Professor and former Head of the PG department of Mass Communication and Journalism at St. Aloysius college, Mangaluru on 19th july,2017.

Mr.Vishal Nayak dealt with the topic such as what is media, types of media, phenomena about advertisement and followed by an activity in which trainees learnt how Medical and Psychiatric Social workers can create an advertisement based on three aspects that is, paid, owned and earned.

Workshop on "BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS OF BEHAVIOUR with focus on Neuroscience and Social Work" on 29th November,2017 by Dr.Priya Treesa Thomas,Assistant Professor,Department of Psychiatric of Social Work , NIMHANS, Bengaluru. She dealt with biological, psychological and Social aspects of Behaviour.She also dealt with functioning of the brain and its relationship to Behaviour . She stressed on the aspect of the need for a Psychiatric Social Work to understand this concept ..Dr. Priya illustrated the concept with Cases and she also answered the queries posed by the students.

Workshop on 'FAMILY THERAPY' on 30th November,2017 by dr taniya from nimhans,bangaluru. She dealt with difference between counseling and psycho therapy,also explained the process of family therapy with the help of video. This workshop helped the scholars to understand how to conduct family therapy in hospitals.

Thematic presentation of 'DISABILITY' in seminar hall on 16th January 2018 at 3.30pm by 2nd year medical and psychiatric social work scholars. This program went on as per the following agenda, first there was a small introduction on the topic the scholars presented physical ,psychological and social aspects of disability. Then we divided scholars into specializations and asked them to discuss the interventions that can be used with the person with disability in their fields, followed by two minutes presentation.

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