The forum is a platform for students who specialize in Community Development.  Apart from the theory classes and Social Work Practicum, the forum opens up opportunities for growth and development of students to function as social analysts, social activists, development workers and policy makers, with focus on the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society.

The Forum seeks to contribute to the achievement of aims of the CD specialization namely training personnel for facilitating inclusive and sustainable development and progressive social change by:

Promoting awareness about the local socio-economic realities and their link to the national and international social systems.
Building people capacities for collective reflection and action to solve their problems and promote good governance
Enabling and promoting organized efforts for sustainable development at micro and macro levels.
Mobilizing people to protect their human rights.
Mobilizing people to protect their human rights.

Supplementing the knowledge and skills imparted through the classroom and field practicum pedagogy, the forum supports students to acquire the following skills and attitudes:


  1. Effective human relations and communication skills
  2. Planning and conducting educational and training programmes.
  3. Formulation and management of projects.
  4. Planning strategies to bring effective governance.
  5. Networking for concerted efforts for policy change
  6. To select, use and adopt appropriate strategies for social change
  7. Research skills to gain deeper understanding of the people and their cultures.


  1. Commitment and self motivation.
  2. Concern for the disadvantaged.
  3. Courage to deal with challenges.
  4. Vision to contribute to a more just/ humane society.
  5. Desire to learn and keep track of dynamics in the field of development
  6. Broadmindedness and respect for diversities

Activities of the CD forum

  1. Training programmes on subject such as Participatory Rural Appraisal, Soft Skills, Project Management, self employment and Organic Farming
  2. Awareness programmes on social problems and issues such as, Gender Justice, Child Rights, good governance,
  3. Critical study of implications of Government policies (i.e. Special Economic Zone).
  4. Capacity building progammes for farmers, vegetable/street vendors, domestic workers, NGO personnel and volunteers
  5. Exposure visits
  6. Participation in Social Action in collaboration with NGOs.
  7. Research on issues relevant to the lives of the marginalized and related to sustainable development






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