1. Name           : Mrs. Poornima Lokesh
Qualification      : M.A.(Linguistics)
Designation       : Professor
1.Name            : Mrs. Shobhana N.
Qualification   :  M.A.(English) , M.Phil (Tennessec Williams)
Designation    :  Head of Department

2.Name            : Ms. Rachitha Poornima Cabral
Qualification     :  MA (English), M Phil
Designation      :  Asst. Prof
3.Name            : Mrs. Pearl Jean Lobo
Qualification     :  MA (English) 
Designation      :  Guest Lecturer
Name          : Dr. Keshava Gowda U
Qualification : M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D, R.B.H.V, PGDCA
Designation  : Head of Department
Name          : Mrs. Rego Sunitha Wilfred
Qualification : MA in Psychology, passed DELF exam from ALLIANCE FRANCAISE
Designation : Asst. Prof

1.Name        : Ms. Saritha D’Souza
Qualification  : M. A  Police Administration,Passed in JRF Exam
Designation :  Assistant Professor and Head of the Department
2.Name        : Ms. Sarik Ankith
Qualification  : M. Sc. Criminology and Forensic Science
Designation :  Asst. Prof
1.Name        : Ms. Sandra Sunitha  Lobo
Qualification : M.Sc. – Clinical Psychology,   M. Phil
Designation : Assistant Professor and Head of the Department
2.Name        : Ms. Yamini Gowda PC
Qualification : M.Sc. – Clinical  and Counselling Psychology K-SET, NET
Designation : Asst. Professor
2.Name        : Ms. Joan Rita O'Brien
Qualification : M.A. (Sociology), NET
Designation : Asst. Professor and Head of the Department
Secretarial Practice
Name               :Dr. Laxminarayana Bhat P.-
Qualification      :M.A. (English), Ph.D. (English)
Designation       :Professor – cum - Registrar ( Evaluation )
Name               :Mrs. Cecilia Farida Goveas
Qualification      :M.A  ( Economics )
Designation       :Asst. Prof and Head of the Department
Rural Development
Name               :Ms. Anuradha Shetty
Qualification     :M.S.W, UGC K-SET       
Designation      :Head of the Department
Computer Applications
1.Name            :Ms. Annie Monica
Qualification     : M.Sc., PGDCA, M.C.A
Designation      :Head of Department

2.Name :Mrs. Namratha Suvarna
Qualification : B.A., P.G.D.C.A
Designation  : Lab Instructor
 Bachelor of Social Work
 1. Name : Dr. Sophia N Fernandes
     Qualification: MSW, Ph D
     Designation : Principal cum Professor in Social Work
2.Name            :Prof. Joselyn Lobo
Qualification     : M.S.W
Designation      :Dean BSW
3.Name            :Prof. Vineetha K
Qualification   : M.S.W
Designation    : H o D, NSS University Coordinator
4.Name            :Ms. Veena B. K
Qualification     : M.S.W
Designation      :H o D Field Practicum BSW
5.Name            :Ms. Anusuya Shenoy
Qualification     : M.S.W
Designation      :Asst. Prof


M Sc. l Counselling (M Sc C)
1.Name        : Dr. Audrey S. Pinto
Qualification  : PhD – Psychology
Designation   : Professor and Head of department.

2.Name         : Ms. Rosa Nimmy
Qualification  :M Sc HPC, SET
Designation    : Asst. Professor

3.Name        : Ms. Anu Moncey P
Qualification : M.Phil – Rehabilitation Psychology
Designation  : Guest Lecturer.

 4.Name : Ms. Greeshma

Qualification: M B A
Designation : Guest Lecturer.
M Sc. Forensic Science and Criminology
1. Name       : Ms. Bhavyashree Rai
Qualification : M. Sc in Criminology & Forensic Science
                    M. Phil in Forensic Science,  NET
Designation  : Asst. Professor

2. Name       : Ms. Saritha D’Souza
Qualification : M. A.  Police Administration, Passed in JRF Exam.
Designation :  Asst. Professor

3. Name      : Mr. Arjun Shivakumar
Qualification : M. Sc.  Forensic Science ,  PGD in Forensic Speech Technology
Designation :  Asst. Professor

4. Name       : Ms. Sarik Ankith
Qualification : M. Sc. Criminology and Forensic Science
Designation : Guest Faculty
1. Name      : Dr. Rameela Shekhar,
Qualification : PGDHRM, M. S. W, Ph.D
Designation  :Dean MSW  
                     Medical & Psychiatric Social Work
2. Name      : Ms. Juliet C.J,
Qualification : M. S. W
Designation  :HoD PG Department of Social Work on FIP till July 2018
3. Name      : Dr.Meena Monteiro 
Qualification : M. S. W, Ph. D
Designation  :Ho D MSW, Faculty co ordinator Medical & Psychiatric Social Work
4. Name      : Ms. Eveleen Benis,
Qualification : M. S. W,  M. Phil, PGDDM
Designation  : Faculty co ordinator Community Development
                      Faculty Incharge, B. Voc,
                      Co-ordinator, Evening Courses
                     Student Welfare Officer
5. Name      : Dr. P. Jenis Mary
Qualification : M. S. W, Ph. D
Designation  :Vice Principal, Asst. Prof in Social Work,
                   Director  Adelaide Center for Research and Publications
6. Name       : Dr. Sebastin K.V
Qualification : M. S. W,  M. Phil , Ph. D, PGDC
Designation  :Faculty co ordinator, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations
7.Name        :   Fr. Prince C.P
Qualification :    MSW  , (Ph D)
Designation  :Faculty in Social Work
8.Name        :   Ms. Asha Lobo
Qualification :    MSW  (PMIR)
Designation  :Assistant Professor in Social Work


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